Atelier for Design is a small design office focusing on projects ranging in scale and type from the object to the city.

The work continuously investigates contextual meaning of site, history, and cultural memory. The work pushes the boundaries of building methods with eco-friendly materials and systems. The work seeks partnerships in the goal to innovate with creativity, efficiency and durability.

Statement on Inclusion

Our global societies are overdue for equality between genders, races, cultures and wealth disparaties. Black Lives Matter. We acknowledge territorial land of native people, in paticular where we reside, namely that of the Dakota people. Compassion and inclusion for all is an imperative in today's world.

I bring my sketchbook where ever I go.

Hans-Christian has practiced architecture in Antwerp, Belgium where he became a licensed architect. He has worked collaboratively on cultural buildings, residential complexes, and a mosque at B-architecten and Creatuur. Since 2016 he has been active as a designer at Atelier for Design, Minneapolis.

In his educational and professional vocation Hans-Christian’s particular interests lie in the intricate negotiations between the identity of a place, the notion of meaning in public space and the role of the architect.

Self protrait